Officers and Board of Directors of Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame

Officers and Advisory Board of the
Luzerne County Sports Hall of Fame/John Louis Popple Chapter

Officers Board of Directors
James Martin, Chapter President Dr. George Moses
Dr. George Moses, Executive Vice President Sam Falcone
George Mizzer, Executive Vice President Paul Maher, Assistant to former Congressman Kanjorski
Robert Pagnotti, Treasurer Mattioli Family, Pocono Raceway
George Miller, Neil Corbett, Public Relations Merle Mackin, Exec. Dir. Luzerne Co. Tourist Promotion Agency
Carol Hurley, Secretary Pat Patte, Patte's Sports Bar and Restaurant
Mark Popple, Popple Construction/Valley Stone Quarry

Founders of Luzerne County Chapter 1985
Sam Falcone
Joe DeSimone
Dr. George Moses
Joseph Augello
John Kaminsky
Lee Marcino

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Past presidents of the Luzerne County Chapter
Sam Falcone
Joe DeSimone
Joe Hurley
George Mizzer
James Martin (current president)